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The nursery

Established in 1987 as a herb growing business, RPG Herbs now grow a wide range of garden and landscape plants for wholesale and retail. The plants produce include Herbs, Wild native plants, Ivies and unusual perennial Vegetables.

We have also grown on contract many different plant species including living Ivy screens for Mobilane Ltd, and Truffle trees in root trainers and pots for Mycorrihizal systems Ltd.


herbs and landscape plants regularily appear at Tatton RHS Flower show for Garden designer clients such as Jacqui Brocklehurst, and in Tatton's own award winning show gardens.


Over the last few years RPG Herbs have grown plants in trials with Peat reduced, Peat free and Green waste composts as part of a MSc project "The effect of Green Waste Compost on Plant growth and disease", following on from this the nursery now grows in both Peat reduced and Organic Green waste composts in line with customer requirements.